Thursday, 28 April 2016

Telangana Ration Card Status 2016

Telangana Ration Card Status Online application at or Food & supply department Telangana has started to make new ration card in Telangana state. This procedure is done various center of Telangana state.  According a report millions of household has submitted their new ration card application. Now those who submitted their application whether check Telangana Ration Card Status online or visit their ration card office. So here we are providing the complete guide to submit new ration and get the ration cards status by using this direct link given below.  Here we are going to give complete Telangana ration card details and include following topics given below.

Ration Card Status Telangana

  • Types of Ration Card Telangana.
  • How to apply online new ration card in Telangana?
  • New ration card application form Telangana state.
  • How to check ration card status in Telangana Online?

Types of Ration Card Telangana

Every household who are going to apply new Ration card Telangana must know the types of Rasan card available. Each have different color and meaning which are following;

White Ration card (BPL & APL): There are two White ration card which call BPL and APL. APL stands for Above Poverty Line. This card holder get the low cost, but not as much BPL card holders. BPL stands for Below Poverty Line. This card holder get beneficiary for like cost of commodities at lower prices.

Red / Pink Ration card (AAY): This card holder income is not much as the BPL family. Simply we can say they get extra benefits as comparison the white card holder.

How to Apply Online New Ration Card in Telangana?

1. Online link currently not working visit here
2. You can apply through offline, download Telangana application form click here.
3. First mark on that which type’s card do you want to apply?
4. Provide the UID Addhar Card number and basic information regarding the head of the family.
5. Fill the professional details and gas connection details.
6. Provide the current resident address. Note you have to give one address proof same address which mention the form.
7. Don’t forgot add member details.      
8. Click on marks which document attach with rasan card application form.
9. Do your signature and submit the application to nearest ration card department.

How to Check Ration Card Status in Telangana Online?

Other information in terms of Telangana Ration Card Status, Ration card Telangana details, Ration card form etc. comment below or visit on Food Security Telangana website or